Friday, April 3, 2009

Kauai, sunset south of Poipu

This is a beautiful Kauai sunset, taken after a beautiful day of snorkeling and exfolliating in the sand. Taken March 16-24,2009

All Dressed Up!

I've finally gotten Becky to start my blog for me. What can I say, I'm technically challenged! So here we are. These are my 4 crazy chicas. Starting on the right Alyssa(Jesse) is 7 years old, Next is Gabriella(Alice in wonderland) who is 2, then Brooklyn(Tinkerbell) who is Gabbi's twin sister.Last is Dantzel(Belle on the left dressed in yellow) who is 4 years old. We are a crazy house of girl, pink and drama. Bill is the only boy. :(