Saturday, January 29, 2011

Answered Prayers

All of the love and prayers are making a difference.  Yesterday we received the news that the hole in Julia's heart is completely closed. (This is the PDA/Ductus that all infants have that usually closes when they are born)  She has also been able to keep her blood oxygen levels up without the help of nitric oxide.  So they have turned that off.  She is also up to  3 ml of breast milk every 4 hours.  This means 3 teaspoons a day.  (This is great as our supply is really building up.  Go Erin :-) ) IMG_3019Julia also started opening her eyes.   So many good things in one day. We hope it continues.  I've been telling a lot of people that this experience in not so much a roller coaster as it more like crossing a frozen lake.  There's a crack with every step and you just don't know if the ice will hold or not.  As you can tell the ice feels thicker today and we keep getting further across the lake.
Thanks again to all.  We have received so much support from neighbors and friends.  I never realized just how many facebook friends I had either.  :-)


Another Friday "Ice Cream and Isolettes" with the girls.  This is as close as they can get.


Bobbidee said...

Yay!!! That IS so much good news in one day. :)

Sweetpea said...

You go, Erin! So happy for good news!